The Average Cost of a Wedding Band

Are you budgeting for your wedding? Wedding rings will be one of the most essential things you cannot miss in the budget. This is so since it will capsulate the most important part of the wedding with the rings remaining as one of your remembrance in the rest of your marriage moments. What you spend on engagement rings will depend on what you are comfortable with in which a 2 to 3 month’s salary being recommended for the same. This article will give you the average cost of a wedding band without having a specific amount as it depends on which you choose. Though you can check the specific prices for any kind of jewellery online.

The Basic Average

With any budget, you will be sure to get a wedding band as they come with countless options in which you choose from depending on your budget. In this, you will have two questions in mind. First, are men and women bands of the same price or is one more expensive than the other? Are these wedding bands costly as engagement rings? All this will depend on your options and the point where your budget lie at.

On average, most couples have been noticed to spend an average of $1,417 on purchasing the bride’s band compared to the counterpart for whom the average has ranged at $558 which is on the groom’s band. This has given an average both wedding bands combined together into $1,975 for both the bride and the groom. Being the average cost of the wedding bands for most Americans, the cost will differ in some points due to other factors which lead the cost exceed that of the average include;

* The wedding ring metals – The metal used in a wedding band will differ with different wedding bands. This is clearly indicated by the cost of a band in platinum compared to a similar band which is of a plain white gold. The cost will just differ due to the additional metal in the band which definitely has a specific measure of value which leads it to be more expensive.

* Diamond addition in a band – Diamond is one of the most attractive metals with a stunning look. With its increased popularity in the modern world, cost in wedding bands has been seen to change with this change. The quality, amount and the weight of diamond used will determine the change in pricing of a wedding band.

* Engagement ring match with the wedding band – At points where you need your wedding band to match the engagement rings, your cost on the wedding band will automatically differ with that of the average cost of the wedding band. This is so as your options will be limited to the type of wedding band available which matches your engagement rings. In addition to this, to match your engagement ring, you might be forced to custom the band which might lead to more cost on it.

* Engravings – When you opt for ring engraving in your band, it will need you an extra cost which will be paid to the jeweler and this will matter on how this engraving is done.


Having a proper budget before your wedding day is necessary to avoid frustrations which would lead to a boring wedding day. To ensure you enjoy you better sacrifice other wedding expenditures for the wedding band as this will be something you will have in your lifetime.

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