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What is Leads in Real Estate?

In real estate, leads are prospective buyers or sellers of listed properties. There are of two types: the buyer leads and the seller leads. It is not everybody that is interested in buying and selling properties at the same time. Real estate agents, therefore, must possess sufficient marketing skills to determine those interested (which are the leads). Leads are important to real estate agents as they serve as a bedrock of the real estate business.

Having leads is great, but they must be converted to happy, lasting customers for marketing to be a success. Here are tips that can boost your leads and real estate lead conversion.

1. Build Quality Relationship: As a professional in real estate business, you need to go out of the comfort of your home and meet people. You can start with friends and relatives. Let them know what you do and what they stand to gain if they list their properties with you.
Be friendly. Join volunteer groups and let other members know of your services. Hand out your business card as well as newsletters to those who show interest in your business.
Ensure you call your leads occasionally. This will contribute significantly to converting your leads to customers.

2. Creative Marketing: For any business to be outstanding among competitors, there is a need for creativity. Find out how you can make your business unique and enticing for your leads. For example, you can offer the additional service of creating a YouTube video for sellers that list their properties with you. You can also give out a commission to customers who bring in referrals.

3. Deliver Excellent Services: Excellence is self-marketing. When you deliver exceptional services to your customers, they will refer you to their families and friends. That means more leads that will most likely convert to happy customers.
Ensure that your customer service is on point. Ability to resolve your customers’ complaint will have a positive effect on your business in the long run. Customers having grudges with your real estate business may discourage others who want to do business with you.

4. Use the Mass Media: Reach more leads with the help of the internet. More leads mean better conversion rate. Find leads using social media tools, for example, profile pages. Engage your leads on helpful tips and tactics on real estate. Post pictures of sold properties in your listings. This will make your leads to see your relevance in the real estate business.
You can have your own website where the public can read articles on real estate. Create a questionnaire to determine those among your website visitors are leads. Build trust by uploading testimonials of happy customers.
Create a mailing list and send occasional messages to your leads. Remind them or your services and other unique propositions for your real estate business.

5. Make Use of Lead Generation Sites: They help generate leads for real estate professionals. This helps the latter concentrate more on delivering quality services for their clients. Top real estate lead generation sites include: ‘Real Geeks’, ‘Placester’, ‘Easy Agent Pro’ and others.

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