How many days in short term parking?

Have you ever wondered how much money you have to incur for parking in different areas throughout the year? Whether it is parking your car outside a café or parking your car in the office space, the small parking cost keeps building up and increasing throughout the year. Just wonder how much you can save if you decrease your parking expenses monthly. The money you save can get you a new handset. Another cost of parking that you pay numerous times a year is the airport parking costs. Whether it is short-term or long-term parking, it is still quite expensive. However, there are some ways you can avoid paying these expenses.

To do this, you first have to understand the difference between long-term and short-term parking of the airport.

Long-term parking

You should use long-term airport parking when you have to travel out of the city for a period of above seven days. Long-term parking is designed explicitly for such passengers. It comes at a lower price as compared to short-term parking since its per-day cost is lesser than the per-day cost of short-term parking. Most of the airports around the world offer long-term parking lots for their passengers. You can check, for example, Ontario airport parking fees prior to your visit to the airport. It is always a good idea to book parking in long-term parking lots in advance by checking for available spaces online. This is because looking for an open spot right before your flight might become a problem. 

Short-term parking

You can use short-term airport parking when you only need to park your car at the airport for less than seven days. Even though short-term parking is more expensive than long-term parking, they are usually closer to airport terminals. They cost more because their per day cost is higher than the per-day price of long-term parking. Almost all of the airports around the world have short-term parking lots, which provide several options to people. This is for the people who only come to the airport to drop someone off and need to use the parking for a few minutes or a few hours. The short-term parking lots charge prices as per hour basis when the time exceeds 24 hours. It is always a good idea to book a spot in short-term parking in advance online so that you don’t get into a hassle at the last minute. Depending upon the parking lot, you can generally park your car in a short-term parking lot for a few minutes, to a few hours, to 7 days. However, it rarely comes to that since people prefer to use long-term parking if they need to park their car at an airport parking for more than a day.

If you have to travel out of the city for a span of a few days, you should go for long-term parking since it will cost you much less than short-term parking. However, if you have to pick or drop someone off at the airport, you can use the short-term parking.

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