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Should I Submit My Accident-Related Medical Bills to My Health Insurance Company?

Since the year 1850 when health insurance companies were first discovered and introduced, attending to accident-related patients under critical condition has been easy.

You are advised to submit your accident-related medical bills to your insurance company as they will handle your medical bills. Companies such as are known to work with an effective insurance plan to get you covered.

Automobile accidental cover

It is unfortunate that each year, around 1.35 million people die per year when using the roads.

In case you are involved in a road accident, a health insurance company caters to the bills you incur at the hospital.

This includes emergency covers, ambulance fees, and medication fees. It is convenient as you get tended to on time and it could save your life.

In an instance where you are not at fault, an insurance policy connects with the road user at fault to cater for the pending bills.

Accidental death and dismemberment insurance policy (AD&D)

In an event that death occurs, the beneficiaries are paid benefits by the insurance company.

It is effective as it is compared to life assurance in a cheaper version and could even pay double indemnity coverage.

This means the coverage is added to the normal insurance plan to cater for any extra costs incurred.

Dismemberment on the other hand caters for medical bills of lost or injured body parts such as limbs. The reason why you are encouraged to inform your health insurance of your accidental medical bills.

Personal injury protection

This is entirely dependent on an individual and comes in handy when one has a medical bill that can be paid in portions.

It covers small parts of the entire bill in small parts. It also covers the wages lost and could help you settle any pending medical bills.

Bodily injury liability

If you accidentally cause an accident, this cover allows your insurance company to cater to the bills of the injured person.

Alternatively, if you are not at fault, your insurance company follows up with the insurance company of the road user at fault. This in turn leads to you being partly covered by the insurance company of the person at fault.

Uninsured/ Underinsured motorists.

Comes in handy in case a motorist is not insured or not well funded by the insurance company.

If you happen to cause an accident with a motorist, and the motorist is not well funded or entirely uninsured, the insurance company caters for their bills

It is convenient, as all the costs of injuries are covered for either or both parties.

Why should I do if I am involved in a car accident?

Whether you are the road user at fault or the road user at no fault, you must inform your health insurance company.

The company helps to cater to the medical bills of both parties. You might not be at fault but still, need medical cover.

Alternatively, the injured might not be covered by an insurance company and probably you are not well funded at the moment. In this instance, your insurance company plays a big role to cover them.

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