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What Is the Difference Between Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy?

People see therapists for different reasons. All of them have the same objectives although the methods of administering treatment are slightly different.

Injuries or mental disorders are not things that someone willingly wishes to happen to them. However, accidents happen and there comes a point to move on with accepting life and what is going on in general.

In case you need medical expert advice on what healing path to take, consider experts with great professionalism and humanity such as Fort Lee Physical Therapy.

What is physical therapy?

This is the act of trying to regain normal body movement and function through physical exercise. A physical therapist also assists in pain management and regaining body posture.

In case if you underwent a tragic accident that left the body’s parts broken, then you are recommended to visit a physical therapist.

This also ensures the balancing of body strength to the parts of the body with core muscles such as the thighs.

Physical therapy is also informative as it educates on how to prevent your condition from getting worse and how to cope with recovery.

What is occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy mainly deals with maintaining a healthy lifestyle in line with the occupation.

Helps to bring independence and productivity while performing daily tasks.

Comes in handy also in treating psychological disorders such as depression, anxiety, and stress.

In treating physical disorders such as arthritis, occupational therapy trains on how to use wheelchairs and crutches.

Major differences between Occupational Therapy and Physical therapy

  1. A physical therapist focuses on regaining the movement of a specific body function, for example, your legs or arms while an occupational therapist focuses on improving or regaining your general body movements. They help you resume your normal body functioning for independence.
  2. Occupational therapists assist in poor body posture brought about by both neurological and psychological disorders such as autism or social anxiety while physical therapists assist in regaining the normal functioning of a body part caused by physical injury, accident, or surgery.
  3. Occupational therapists specialize in conditions affecting the hand, elbows, and wrists while a physical therapist specializes in conditions related to the spine, foot, ankle, knee, and hip.
  4. Physical therapy assists in regaining body movement after injury or surgery while occupational therapy prevents major injuries from taking place treating any minor body disorder.
  5. Physical therapists mainly engage with people who have been involved in vigorous body movements such as sports while occupational therapists assist in simple lifestyle recovery processes such as regaining posture and improving on doing normal life activities.

Which is the best therapy for my condition?

Depending on your medical condition, either a physical therapist or an occupational therapist is good for you. It is advisable you acquire medical assistance from healthcare experts such as Fort Lee Physical Therapy.

They will be able to examine you in a friendly way, know your expectations, and advice you accordingly. Several testimonies came along and you will be impressed as well by the services given to you.

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