How to clean mold off outdoor blinds

Bamboo blinds have a way to get dirty quickly and therefore need regular cleaning since it gives a terrible and messy look to the entire room. Today blinds come in many different sizes, colors, and shapes. These blinds get dusty quickly, and therefore, due to the colors, the dust becomes ever so prominent. That is why cleaning a bamboo blind becomes a necessity and needs to be done regularly.  Therefore, you need to be able to understand the work and know what are the best practices for cleaning the mold off. Needless to say, blinds have high acoustics feel and look, so they are like on a much grander scale. They are used by many and therefore require guidance for people to keep them clean.

You can find a lot of information regarding how to clean a blind at the following website https://www.fivestaroutdoors.com.au/products/outdoor-blinds/,  below are some of the steps to keep blinds clean:

Dismantle the blinds

It is essential that while cleaning a blind, it is imperative to take them off entirely to be cleaned. Many people make the fundamental mistake of taking them off. Keeping them on prolongs the total period of cleaning and is less effective in cleaning the blinds and their mold off.

Prepare Your  Soaking Solution

The second thing is to create a saturated solution where one-thirds of it is chlorine, while two-thirds is warm water. This would make a mixture that would act as a cleaning agent and would allow the blind to self-clean all the dirt particles from itself. A simple disclaimer must be given that this solution can be harmful because you must be in your safety suit and be wearing safety glasses when washing blinds in such a way.

Submerge the blinds into the solution

This is probably the most time-consuming part of the process. Here is the bamboo left to sink in as much of the solution as possible. This would allow all the dirt to clear off and correct itself. The key is to use hot water. And the warmer the water is, the quicker blinds would clean themselves. When this process completes, the entire water changes color, and it becomes black. This helps to understand that now the cleaning process starts.

Last step

The last step is to clean off the water from the blender and dry it under the sunlight. If this is not possible or due to a particular reason, the blinds can not be put under the sunlight, then apply antifungal spray on them and let them dry before using them back to a window. The fungus spray is vital, as it would help to keep the bamboo’s strength and the construction of the blinds intact.

After following the stated steps, any blind can be cleaned and renewed, as long as the steps were followed to perfection. Although little mishaps are allowed, theoretically, the idea should work to make for a perfect logical sense. 

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