Detox vs. Cleanse: What’s the Difference?

When your digestive system is behaving a little bit off, most people consider how they can reset their physical condition to the default setting. And that brings us to the topic of the day. What is the difference between a detox and a cleanse? From time to time, you will hear the two words being used interchangeably which will confuse you. But the two are meant to serve different goals. If you want to learn more, you should continue to read this article and be enlightened.

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A detox revolves around eliminating accumulated toxins from your body. As you may know by now, the body has a self detoxification program that is spearheaded by the liver and kidneys. However, due to the concentration of processed substances in our food, some substances are unable to be processed and removed from our body. They tend to accumulate in certain regions of our body, especially under our skins and near our bones.

A detoxification program is meant to remove all these accumulated substances/ toxins from your body. You could call it the ‘take the trash out’ program. Depending on the severity of your detox program, it may last anywhere from a couple of days to an entire month. At the end of the program, you are bound to feel a restoration in your system as well as revitalization with regards to your energy.

The biggest challenge with a detoxification program is the normal hunger pangs and cravings.  


A cleanse centers around eliminating unhealthy food from your daily diet and replacing them with wholesome foods. You can think about removing hard to process food such as dairy products, meat, eggs, soy, gluten, processed food, and alcohol. You will be replacing these with much easier options such as fruits and vegetables.

Removal of these products from your diet allows for your body, especially your digestive tract to heal from the unhealthy lifestyle. Your liver and kidneys will thank you for this and reward you with a stronger physical system. This will show in the quality of your skin and energy cycles.

Both detoxification and cleansing programs are quite intensive procedures. It is not a program that you simply jump into without prior thought. You must do your research into it and choose a program that you can be faithful to the end.

Besides, you might also want to talk to your doctor before making any dietary changes. This will help you to maintain healthy immunity levels without any compromise.

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