Which Cleaning Products Can You Use On Marble?

Marble is a soft surface made of calcium carbonate used on countertops and floors. It is often appealing to the eyes and is mostly used in kitchen countertops. Do you have marble surfaces in your home and looking for a way to keep them long-lasting? Cleaning them with the right equipment and detergent is important in achieving this.

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Cleaning tools can you use on marble                

  1. Soft cotton balls

Cotton is a soft tool and will not scratch your marble surfaces. This will also ensure the surfaces maintain a sheen and dry quickly. Unlike wood, concrete surfaces, marble surfaces dry slower and need an absorbent material to absorb all the water.

In place of cotton balls, use a soft cotton cloth as it will make work easier and function the same way as cotton balls.

  1. Mild liquid washing detergent

The chemical component in marble i.e calcium carbonate is reactive to acidic chemical detergents. Consider using a phosphate-free detergent. When calcium carbonate and phosphate react, they form dicalcium phosphate that makes your marble lose its sheen. Use products free from vinegar and lemon as these are acidic and lead to a corrosive reaction on the marble surfaces.

  1. Soapless cleaners

Have you cleaned a marble floor with a soap detergent and found streaks later despite you drying the floor thoroughly? It is time to switch to simply wiping your floors with clean water.

Marble surfaces are easy to clean as just a single wipe is enough to ensure the whole surface is sparkling clean and maintaining a sheen. The surfaces are also soft and make cleaning work easier. This is also a cost-effective method as you do not have to purchase soapy detergents for cleaning.

  1. Use homemade marble cleaner

Are you the type of person that likes to explore new methods and use creative skills? Consider using homemade cleaning detergents on your marble surfaces. All you need is a spray bottle, two cups of water, and one teaspoon of castile soap. Mix the components then ass to the spray bottle. You are all set by just spraying generous amounts on the marble surface and wiping them off with a dry cotton cloth. You can add a small amount of disinfectant into the mixture and work on your surface.

  1. Hot water

Do you have those stubborn oily stains that are hard to eliminate by just wiping your surface? Consider using hot water as this helps to lift the oily stains off marble surfaces.  We all agree hot water is a cheap and easily available cleaning tool. Why don’t you try this today and make your home sparkling clean?

In conclusion, marble surfaces are beautiful and should be well taken care of. Following the above simple procedures and tools is an effective way to keep those surfaces looking good for long.

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