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Why YouTube Stars Are More Influential than Traditional Celebrities

Why bother watching a whole bunch of news or celebrity interviews when someone can make me laugh or teach me something in less than 20 minutes? YouTube subscribers are taking the world by storm and leaving their traditional counterparts in the dirt? Sounds bizarre? And does YouTube help celebrities?  Let’s help you find the answer.  

YouTube Stars create a relationship

Real stars are all immersed in their act. Appearing tougher than nails. Giving us mythologies on how they worked for 100 hours a week to get where they need to be or how at the age of eleven, they knew their purpose.  In short, they are almost or always about the grind and how you have to work hard. In that manner, they fail to show their dark side. They just portray a pretty intense figure which is the exact opposite of what Millennials want.

YouTube stars separate themselves from traditional celebrities when it comes to generating trust. On YouTube, there is an option of getting feedback from the consumer. This allows the creation of an invisible form. The consumer and producer of content “come to terms” with the roles each to play. The producer is being told what he needs to produce more. And the consumer is spelling his/her dislikes or likes. In this sense, a communication channel is being developed. As the quantity of content becomes more quality and of greater value, the producer can build a long-lasting with the bubble or entirety of the world. Moreover, this kind of association is supplemented with the audacity to tell stories about personal stories about sex, marriage, views on productivity and careers, or how to make money. The great thing about these tales is they are not full of seriousness. It is a rule of thumb to be able to expose your goofiness, touchiness, and weirdness on your channel.

YouTube Stars are Masters at building brands

A brand is the image, perception, and story of people when people are not around you. The producer of any kind of online content dies for positive feedback whenever we are not around. He or she doesn’t care if the lighting is bad or whether there is a load of quantity than quality. What matters is the buzz. If you have the buzz, it means that you have caught the attention of your audience. With the convenience of speed, novelty, and technology, you can able to generate money with promotions and advertisements. Producers can then channel their income back to the channel by buying better equipment or collaborating with better professionals to enhance the experience.

This supercharges the direction of your audience and may result in more traffic. This edge is over conventional stars because their line of branding doesn’t associate with the most common thing a Millennial has – a smartphone. Their brands depend on commercials, endorsements, and labels. Oh! And of course, their face, their name, and their body.  These are no-go zones for Millennials.  This kind of battle is unmatched. It is as if using a flamethrower in a stick fight.

YouTube Stars are pacesetters

70 percent of YouTube stars are likely to set trends and shape pop culture or what Millennials buy. This fact may be challenged in the future if better search engines emerge and take the dip of TVs and newspapers. But with Millennials, it’s on the high road.

Despite this attack, we can aim to look at how YouTube has helped some celebrities like Paul Logan.

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