What Is the Best Month to Visit Venice?

Venice is a Northern Italian ancient town which is known for its work of art and water transport. Venice is located across a group of 118 islands which are separated by numerous canals and connected by over 450 bridges. The island is situated in shallow Veneto Lagoons. The city is harbored bay which lies between Piave and Po rivers. Some regions of Venice are well-known for its outstanding serene environment and buildings. In the year 2018 census established that 55,000 people stay in Venice city.

Where to stay

Danieli hotel Venice has one of the best accommodation options for the tourist. The hotel offers affordable and spacious rooms for its visitors. Danieli Hotel Venice is the best place to stay for any new tourist arrives in the city.

With beautiful canals, gondolas, outstanding restaurants, and unforgettable lovely ambiance. The city should definitely be on every’ tourist “City to Visit List”. There are numerous affordable rooms which range from $50 -$500 dollars. Many of the accommodation is located in waterfront Palazzos and Palaces. This will give for a perfect view watching canal.

Venice Tourism.

There numerous tourism serene places and activities for tourist to participate in once they are in the city. The city also offers canal boat rides for the visiting tourist. Venice also ancient buildings which have been named as Heritage sites by UNESCO.

The city is also well known for its pizzas places and famous opera halls. The tourists who visit Venice will obviously enjoy endless tours around the city.

Best time to visit Venice.

September to November is the best month to visit the city as it will be deserted. Most of the tourist leave the city between the mentioned period. This gives you the best to enjoy the tour of the city. Even though the temperatures usually give up during that period, the canals, pizza places, and Operas make the trip worthwhile. During the summertime, the hotel rates usually go up due to the high number of guest arriving in the city, this makes the city to be crowded, so in order to avoid the big crowd and enjoy quiet moments plan to visit between September and November.

Some historical data

The city borrowed its name from the ancient Veneti group of people, who stayed in the area around the tenth century. Venice was originally the capital city of the Republic of Venice. During that period the city was referred to as The floating city or City of Water.

Even though there is no existing historical writing which depicts the founding process of the city. Old and accessible evidence has directed numerous historians to claim that the city population was composed of refugees from nearby Roman territories such as Aquileia, Padua, Altino, Concordia and Treviso as well as people from the unguarded countryside, especially the groups who were running away from Hun and Germanic invasions. The statement is reinforced by a historical document known as “Apostolic Families”. Some Romans historical evidence also indicates that there were Fishermen who use to stay in the Marshy Lagoons which was under Roman rule and later escaped to Venice.

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