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What does Almas caviar taste like?

It is an underwhelming experience if you are tasting caviar for the first time.

Just for the very reason that it comes so expensive, people are curious about tasting it. Further, if we talk about Almas caviar from Iran, then the aura around its rareness and being most expensive adds to the mystery around this food item.

So, how does Almas caviar really taste like?

Sourced from 100 years old sturgeon eggs, this caviar has a unique blend of creaminess and nuttiness in taste. Due to its age, Almas caviar has sponginess in it. The eggs are smooth. It is unique and different when compared with any other type of caviar.

Is it salty like other caviars?

Most of the caviars are salty in taste. When you crush these eggs between your teeth, you get a slight fishy taste too. Some caviars have a buttery richness too. Within moments of popping the eggs in the mouth, you shall experience their distinctive flavor that will fill your nose. They are oily too.

Almas caviar doesn’t have these attributes. They are salty too, but very mildly salty. Some manufacturers add bay salt in small portions while processing them.

What is distinct about Almas caviar taste?

Almas caviar has a richness attached to it like no other caviar. Its spongier texture, nutty flavor, and non-salty exterior deliver a unique experience to the taste connoisseurs. They are less oily too, hence more expensive.

While tasting Almas caviar, take care not to use a metallic spoon. Use the spoons made of bones or mother of pearl. Serve them in crystal bowls. Using metal will alter the original taste.

You also need to take care that no preservative has been used. Fine caviars are supposed to consume raw.

How to identify real Almas caviar?

Visual: They are pale white and bigger eggs compared to other caviars.

Feel: Spongier and smooth in texture

Taste: Creamy, mildly salty, nutty.

While it is easy to describe it here, the true taste of Almas caviar can only be checked by a person who has tasted the original before.

Almas caviar comes in three grades:

  • Darkest (0)
  • Medium Toned (00)
  • Lightest Colour (000)

The lightest color is supposed to be the best in choice and most expensive too.

Please also remember that Almas caviar, once bought, should be consumed within a few days. Its service life is very short.

Our final word:

Most of us haven’t tasted all the caviars that are available. Almas caviar particularly, as it is the rarest and the most expensive caviar on the planet. We have tried our best to explain the taste of Almas caviar. I am sure many of you must have visualized the taste mentally while reading this article and enjoyed the visualization. We hope you get a chance soon to taste the original Almas caviar for real.

There is no substitute for tasting the Almas caviar first-hand. However, we are sure this article has given you a close feel of what Almas caviar tastes like. Wishing you a great time tasting the Almas caviar.

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