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Best Ways to Clean Marble Floor

Cleaning and maintaining different elements of the house is very important to get a complete outlook of the house. For instance, the floor is a very critical part of the house since it is always in use and is really prone to getting dirty all the time. Marble floors, for example, can be very difficult to maintain. Hence, if you own a house or office with marble flooring, you should definitely know how to clean marble floors. In case anyone is still unaware and is looking for some tips and tricks with regards to it, this article will enlist all effective ways to clean marble floors and explain it in detail.

How to Clean Marble floors?

Marble’s beauty and sophistication make it a very good addition to your new home. However, it must be understood that no matter how elegant or beautiful it may look, its maintenance might be a problem. Hence, the cleaning of marble floors should be done very thoroughly and carefully. There are a series of basic steps that need to be followed to effectively clean marble floors. Firstly, it is recommended that the floor should be applied a dry mop so that any sort of dust and dirt may be removed immediately. The next step is perhaps the most critical one. Now, a solution should be made by mixing at least 3-4 tablespoons of baking soda as well as some liquid soap to warm water. This solution should be mixed really well to ensure effective results. Another alternative specifically for this purpose is the commercial stone cleaner which is easily available in retail outlets all over the world. Finally, when the solution is made, apply it with a mop all over the marble floor.

DIY steps to clean Marble floors?

Marble floors can also be cleaned efficiently and effectively using some Do It Yourself (DIY) steps in case you are looking to do everything on your own. For this, another series of steps are to be followed. Firstly, you fill a bucket with tap water. Now, dip a soft cloth or a sponge bristle scrub brush into the soapy solution that has already been made, and then scrub the floor rigorously. Next, rinse the sponge frequently in plain water. Afterward, empty the bucket and refill the bucket because the water has become dirty. The next step is to make your own paste. This can be done by mixing 1 cup of plaster, diatomaceous mud, and white chalk powder. Next, apply this paste on all the places that include stains and apply water onto it as well. Cover each stain with plastic tape and let it rest for about one to two days. Once the area is completely dried out, remove the tape and wipe out the area thoroughly. Lastly, apply a commercial stone sealant on the floor. Once all these steps are followed, you will notice that the marble floor is not only cleaned but it will also give a very attractive glistening effect.

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