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A Smarter Way to Use Antiperspirant and Deodorant

When queried about the longevity of antiperspirant and deodorant, many people recognize that their products do not last the whole day. This comes contrary to the information posted or advertised by cosmetic companies. Many state that their antiperspirants and deodorants should last longer. So, what could be an issue? Or is there someone who is not telling us the truth? After a critical examination of the problem with our partners from AKT London, we concluded that the issue could lie in the application of the skincare products. Therefore, the question is: Is there a smarter way of applying antiperspirants and deodorants? A way to make them more effective?

If this describes your current situation, you need to take notes as your scroll down.

How you apply it

The armpit is not a straight surface. Thus when you apply your antiperspirants and deodorants you should consider the fact that there are many angles to your armpit. So we can come to the conclusion that a single angle of application will not work. You need to attack the problem from different angles.

Make sure you thoroughly apply the product to the entire length of your underarm. Don’t rush and apply only a straight swipe. Be thorough about and apply from top to bottom. However, this is not a license to overuse it. A couple of swipes (two to three) should be enough for you.

A uniform application of deodorant or antiperspirant is what we are aiming for here. If you have a layer of armpit hair (this is for the gentlemen reading this article), we would recommend you apply enough force to reach the layer of skin underneath. Of course, we also recommend that you use a shaver and get rid off of your armpit hair.

The best time for application

The question that revolves around this subject is usually whether to apply before you go to bed in the evening or early in the morning after you shower.

The answer is that you should apply your skincare products just before you go to bed. The rationale is this. At night, your body is at its least levels of activity. And we all know that activity is equal to sweat. The rate at which your body produces sweat is lower than while asleep. For the application of antiperspirants, this is an ideal time. It will allow for your body to form better plugs over your sweat glands due to drier skin and will have a longer effect as well.

We would advise against the application in the morning due to the effect of water on your body. For better action of antiperspirants and deodorants, your skin needs to be dry. Water will act as a barrier, hindering the effective formation of plugs onto your skin.   

Avoid the midday smell of odor from your armpits by using the tips mentioned above.

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