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How to Safeguard Your Website from Legal Battles?

The government is always seeking to protect the different groups within society from being discriminated against or abused. Though it is not a recent development, the website front is one of the most neglected by companies when it comes to legal issues and conditions. The government, especially the Department of Justice is not slacking on this, however. The Americans with Disabilities Act, more commonly known as the ADA, has some legal provisions and guidelines that must be followed. Link up with the experts from ADA compliance pros here.

Failure to comply with these guidelines will leave your company open to litigation and possibly the loss of millions of dollars to your company. You can avoid future, possible legal battles by contacting a professional who will ensure your website is legally compliant. We will identify all the risks for liability on your website and give recommendations for meeting all ADA guidelines.

Website accessibility

The Department of Justice introduced the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. There is a list of standards that each website on the internet should follow. The list can be quite intensive but with the right expert on your side, it is quite possible.

Several core principles have been proposed by the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). They include:

·         Perceivable. Users on your website should be able to easily perceive the content on your website. The audio should be loud enough, images and videos should be of good quality and text should be of the proper font. If there are any issues with any of your content, you should consider changing the format of the content or simply taking it down.  

·         Operable. Your website should be easily navigable. This guideline is also applicable to all features and services that you add to your website. Besides, your website should also allow operability with a mouse or keyboard singly.

·         Understandable. Be it through video, audio, or images, the tool used by your website should be understandable. You might want to include instructions when discussing a certain feature to avoid any issues.

·         Robust. Content can and should be delivered in different forms on your platform. This ensures that the message will be able to reach different persons. However, you should guarantee that the quality of the information does not differ regardless of the technology or method used.

The following should be evidenced in all the content that you put forth on your website.

Website accessibility lawsuits have been on the rise in the past years. Failure to make your website ADA compliant is simply making your website and company a target. Some malicious persons want to make away with your hard-earned money. This should not be the case. Hire our compliance experts today and protect yourself from legal battles.

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