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Ways Whataburger Is the Best Restaurant Chain Ever

Some things are a representation of what America stands for. At the top of the list or near the top are burgers. Burgers are revered by the citizens of our great country and the tradition has spread all over the nation and across the waters. In the South, Whataburger has proven to be the undisputed market leader in the fast-food industry. It has grown since its days as a single burger stand in Corpus Christi way back in 1950. It is now one of the biggest restaurant food chains with over 700 hundred branches in 10 states. Before you scroll down, why don’t you give us your thoughts and possibly get a rebate? Click

There are several reasons how Whataburger has proven itself different from the pack. 

Quality and quantity of the food

One thing you are assured of when stepping into a Whataburger is a hearty meal. The restaurant does not compromise when it comes to the quality and size of the servings. The milkshakes are rich, hand-spun, and large. The fries are crispy and melt in your mouth. And the burgers… to die for. The burgers are thick and you can taste how the different ingredients come together.

The best meal you will have!

Variations and customization

The restaurant’s chain slogan should tell you all: “just like you like it”. With a population of over 300 million, you can start to imagine the issue of diversification and opinion when it comes to food. Whataburger has its unique and iconic option but also offers its patrons many alternatives.

You can also get to customize your burger to your preferred choice. This means you get an authentic and unique taste every time you visit a Whataburger store.

And if in doubt, you can also choose to go all the way with your burger. Get a taste of pickles, onions, lettuce, and tomatoes in a single burger.

Wait! There’s more

Whataburger started as a burger store cum restaurant. But as its clientele increased, they have added other options to their menus. We know have ‘Whatachicken”, fries, onion rings and patty melts.

For the early risers and night owls, just slip into a Whataburger store. They have a breakfast menu that will fill you up well. Hint: Choose the pancakes. You can never go wrong with those. Who said a fast food store can’t make a delicious breakfast?

A part of the community

It may be part of the traditional Southern charm, but Whataburger has taken it to the next level. The management of the restaurant chain has recognized the key part that the community plays. In every chain that they have opened, they have embedded themselves with the community.

Whataburger is at the forefront when it comes to donations, charities, and local CSR events.

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