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Which Decor Theme Is Perfect For Your Home?

A beautiful place that is well decorated to bring cool and a relaxing ambiance can be compared to a home. Most people prefer to have their living spaces uniquely decorated and elegant. Have you considered interior design as a business if you are good at it?

A home is a place most of us look forward to returning to. Either after work, school, or just a place to relax. Home decor is being embraced on different levels in different homes. Some people do the planning themselves while others prefer an interior designer.

What are some themes you need to know when picking an interior design plan?

Contemporary theme

This is probably the most common theme in most homes. Involves neutral colors on the walls, floor, and furniture.

The furniture in this setting is almost plain, and the colors match with the walls. Minimal decorations are used but the lights are used to bring a slight touch of elegance. Either gypsum ceiling boards are used to bring out unique light or very simple chandeliers are used in this case.

Wall-mounted lights are also used to illuminate wall decorations such as portraits or hanging photographs.

Traditional theme

Vintage goods are being embraced into modern houses in bits. You have probably stare at cute wooden cooking sticks around a kitchen counter used as decorations.

Earth colors such as brown and ochre red are used to make traditional decorations. Some are slightly furnished with oil to bring out a sheen.

Wall hanging paintings and photographs are also common in a traditional theme setting. Considering most of the products used are rare and handmade, this theme is quite expensive.

Vintage theme

Involves using old artifacts in the house. For example, using an old cabinet as an accent table. Kettles, especially the colored ones, act as good interior decorations next to the flower on your countertops or just hanging somewhere on the wall.

Old furniture that looks worn out but still useable can be placed in an idle corner to fill a room and bring back the shabby chic look.

Retro design

Involves a combination of both vintage and modern looks. It is quite colorful and brings both antique and modern looks to the house.

With great creativity and an eye for unique details, one can bring out a perfect blend of how a retro theme can be brought out. Bold colors are encouraged to enable them to fit well with the traditional colors.

Industrial theme

Mainly made from open spaces that can be used as the factory setting. The metal works and unfinished walls are made visible and most of the space is converted into useable spaces, for example, countertops.

Natural lighting is allowed into the room through massive windows and clear roofs. Quite affordable as most of the work is to convert an idle space into a usable space.

In conclusion, one’s taste can vary depending on the type of theme you would like to settle for. If you are a qualified interior designer or good at interior designing and have former works to show, consider venturing into interior design as a business.

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