How to Decide Which Instagram Posts to Promote?

No matter how great your profile photos are, without the right approach to promoting on Instagram and attracting the attention of users, they will not gather a large number of likes, and the account will not gain new followers. The popularity of a person depends on the level of his activity and interaction with his audience. There are many effective ways to help independently and quickly develop and promote an Instagram account. About them and we will talk in our article.

How to Choose an Instagram Post for Advertising

This step will have the maximum impact on the result of all your efforts to grow Instagram account. If you’re promoting a post that hasn’t had natural success, do you really think it will get cool results if you pay to promote it to more people? It’s hard to say, but in most cases, the answer is no. When you pay, you want to give your money for posting posts that are one hundred percent successful. To maximize your chances of success, we suggest ranking your most recent posts by interaction rate. Here’s how to calculate it: add up the likes and comments and divide that number by the number of impressions, then multiply by 100. This is the simplest method of calculation. To find out the engagement level of a publication, take the publication from your Instagram account and click “View Stats”.

Preparing to Recruit Followers on Instagram

Your account should have a specific theme, and you should be clear about what topics you will be covering and for what category of people this information will be interesting to read. Try to learn from similar accounts – look through their profiles, and determine what their special features and distinctive features are. Pay attention to what kind of audience is interested in the given topic, how actively it is included in discussions and comments, how the blogger himself influences these processes, and so on. This will help to understand what kind of subscribers you will be able to attract, what they are interested in, what methods to quickly increase Instagram followers can be used, and what kind of response you can count on. At the same time, it is not necessary to duplicate competitors’ topics and content but to regularly review their profiles in order to better navigate the general information space and build off of their own differences and advantages. 

Paid Methods to Increase the Number of Followers on Instagram

Arrange drawings and contests. You can start when the account has several hundred followers. The standard mechanics of the event is to draw a prize between users who have subscribed, liked, or reposted a post or stories, tagged friends, or wrote something in the comments. The prize can be your own product, a discount, a certificate, a partner’s product, a place on a course, etc. 

The main thing is that the prize is worthy of attention. Use targeting advertising – you can set up a display of advertising posts for social network users and get new subscribers every month. The effectiveness of the tool and the value of the subscriber in this case depends on the ability to use targeting. Place ads in thematic communities, because the post in the public is usually much cheaper than on the wall at the blogger. The community can choose among the thematic, and you can find one where they post funny videos with kitties – kitties like everyone, one of these people will love you.

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